White Collar Crimes

If you or someone you know has been charged or suspect that they may be charged with a "White-collar" offense, you need an attorney now!

White Collar Crimes Or Offenses:

  • Include both federal and state level, criminal investigations, government audits, regulatory investigations, claims of civil fraud.
  • Individuals and/or Companies are now threatened with such charges and the economic punishment that follows.
  • The officers and directors of companies are subject to intense scrutiny concerning not only their decisions but the overall business practices of the company.
  • Criminal matters may also proceed simultaneously with civil investigations, which can be detrimental to both matters.

We Handle:

  • Health care/pharmaceutical fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Financial institution fraud
  • Internal investigations/compliance issues
  • Public corruption/campaign finance
  • Federal and State Sentencing

What You Need:

  • A multi-dimensional coordinated approach to protect you and your company.
  • A former prosecutor who tried hundreds of criminal cases.
  • An attorney with a demonstrated ability to develop and implement integrated "global" strategies by drawing the substantive knowledge of your case with the experiences of handling criminal investigations.
  • An attorney that can cut through the allegations and present the reality of your situation in an understandable manner.
  • An attorney whom will roll up his sleeves and provide you and your company with the attention it deserves and needs.

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