Assistance With Family-Based Visas

The Law Offices of Santiago & Associates, PC, is a Freehold law firm that helps reunite families in New Jersey and New York with their loved ones worldwide. We handle family-based visa petitions on behalf of clients who want to bring their spouses, parents, children or siblings to the U.S.

Attorney Raymond S. Santiago has 15 years of immigration law experience and provides one-on-one attention. He can guide you through all the complex requirements associated with:

  • Fiancé/fiancée visas (K-1/K-2)
  • Nonimmigrant visas for spouses (K-3/K-4)
  • Immigrant visas for spouses of American citizens (IR1 or CR1)
  • Permanent residency/green card status for family members (I-130 and I-485)
  • Removal proceedings/deportation affecting a loved one

Hiring A Lawyer May Save You More Than You Imagine

We often tell clients that anyone can fill out and submit an immigration application. However, if you make a mistake, that error may be impossible to correct or it may end up costing you twice as much as it would to hire an attorney.

It only makes sense to have a professional do it the right way the first time. Having a skilled lawyer assist you can potentially save a significant amount of time, money and stress.

When you come to us, you can count on having your application completed correctly, promptly and efficiently. Our goal is to bring your loved one to the country and reunite your family as soon as possible.

Learn More In A Free Consultation

To learn more about family-based visa petitions and our services, request a free, 15-minute consultation in our office with our lawyer. Call 732-410-7138 or email our office.