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Can you get disability accommodations for naturalization tests?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Citizenship |

Taking the naturalization test serves as a major milestone for many refugees in the country. But unfortunately, those with disabilities may fear that their disability will get in the way of passing the test.

Fortunately, the United States government recognizes that everyone has a right to a chance of passing the naturalization test. Thus, varied accommodations will happen for individuals who need them.

N-400 forms and disability notices

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services discuss the form for application for naturalization, which includes a portion to address disabilities. First, a person who feels like they may need accommodations during the test should submit a request far before the actual date of the test itself. This means filling out the aforementioned spot on the N-400 form, which addresses disabilities.

This spot allows the person filling out the form to list out any and all reasons they believe they may need accommodations during the test itself.

By alerting the proper people early, it ensures that the testing individual gets the help they need, as the people running the test have the time necessary to set up appropriate accommodations. It can also help ease anxiety to get a confirmation of testing aids before the test itself.

Types of testing accommodations made

Testing accommodations can cover a large number of personal needs. This includes things like modified testing materials, interpreters and technological aids, just to name some. Other options include extended examination times, sign language, the allowance of breaks during the exam, the allowance of nonverbal communication during the exam, and off-site testing options.

With all of these available, it is entirely possible to get any accommodation necessary before heading in for the exam.