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Could “premium processing” speed up your immigration case?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | Employment Immigration |

As someone looking to relocate and live in New Jersey or another part of the United States on a permanent basis, you may understand all too well that delays and backlogs are an unavoidable part of the immigration process. However, if you and your situation meet certain criteria, you may be able to take advantage of something called “premium processing.” Premium processing is a benefit that might help speed up the processing of your immigration application.

According to CBS News, as of February 2022, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services saw a 66% increase in the number of pending immigration applications when compared to the end of 2019. This growing backlog is causing problems for green card applicants, asylum seekers and others with immigration interests, leaving many applicants in an uncertain place.

What premium processing entails

Premium processing” is an option for certain immigration applicants. It involves qualified applicants paying extra money to have their applications moved to the top of the pile. At the moment, premium processing is not available for all immigration efforts. However, those submitting H-1B petitions and certain employment-based green card requests may be able to take advantage of it.

Who is eligible for premium processing

Certain applicants who pay an extra $2,500 fee may be eligible for premium processing. Initially, the service is going to be available for managers, professionals or executives who have advanced degrees or exceptional abilities. However, future expansion plans may make premium processing available to immigrants on a broader scale.

In addition to expanding its premium processing program, USCIS plans to expand its workforce and enhance processing technology to help get through the existing backlog of immigration applications.