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A Young Person’s Mistake Should Not Define Their Future

If your child or teen was charged with a crime in New Jersey, it is vital to have an attorney representing him or her. However, not all lawyers understand the nuances of the juvenile law system.

Attorney Raymond S. Santiago does. As a former prosecutor and the founder of The Law Offices of Santiago & Associates, PC, he is very familiar with juvenile crimes defense. He is also knowledgeable about the provisions that may allow us to get your child released during the proceedings instead of being held in a detention center.

When you choose Mr. Santiago, he will clearly explain the programs and services available to help juvenile offenders. This can potentially make the difference between your child remaining in jail or being released.

Don’t Let Your Child Be Tried And Sentenced As An Adult

In the adult world of crime, the New Jersey court system seeks to severely punish wrongdoers in the hopes that they will not offend again. In the juvenile world, the court’s goal is primarily to rehabilitate the young person, not to punish him or her.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t consequences for juvenile offenses. There certainly are. However, the greatest concern is keeping the case within the juvenile court system.

Under certain circumstances, the prosecution may seek to waive the child up to adult court. If this happens, the child would be tried as an adult, and be in danger of a criminal conviction and an adult sentence. You can trust our Monmouth County law firm to do everything possible to prevent this.

Helping Juveniles Regain Control Of Their Lives

We seek to provide minors with the tools they need to deal with their underlying problems so that they don’t make the same mistakes again. It’s about helping the child or teen through the situation so that he or she can regain control of life.

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