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Skilled Defense Against Sex Crime Allegations

A sex offense charge often hinges on a mere word. One person accuses another of an offense and suddenly the defendant’s freedom and future hang in the balance.

At The Law Offices of Santiago & Associates, PC, we understand. We know that your entire life was likely turned upside down by these allegations. We know that a conviction can ruin your career, your housing prospects, your reputation and your relationships. It can also have serious immigration consequences. And we know what it takes to protect you to the fullest extent possible under the law.

Our New Jersey criminal defense attorney is also a former prosecutor. He has represented men and women from all walks of life, from business professionals to blue-collar workers, who have been charged with:

  • Sexual assault
  • Aggravated sexual assault (“rape” or “date rape”)
  • Criminal sexual contact
  • Endangering the welfare of a child
  • Other sex crimes

Are You One Of The Many Who Get Falsely Accused?

In this area of the law, more than almost any other, people can be accused of crimes they never committed. When it comes to rape charges, the police naturally err on the side of caution and arrest the accused individual.

However, after an intensive investigation, we have uncovered so-called “victims” who admitted that they lied. In some cases, they were trying to get revenge for a perceived wrong. In other cases, they were simply looking for attention. In one case we handled, a young girl falsely accused her stepfather of sexual abuse simply because she didn’t want him in the house anymore.

The bottom line is that false allegations abound, but having an experienced attorney on your side can make the difference between surviving the threat or not.

Regardless Of Your Situation, You Can Rely On Us

Sometimes the proofs do establish that the charges against you are true, but you can rely on our law firm to protect your legal rights. We can direct you to effective therapy programs that can provide the services you need.

Schedule an in-office appointment with our sex crimes defense lawyer today. Call The Law Offices of Santiago & Associates, PC, in Freehold at 732-410-7138. Alternately, you can send us an email.