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Defending Against Removal Proceedings

When You Don’t Know Where To Turn, Turn To Us

If one of your family members was detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), you may be feeling very confused and afraid. What happens now? Will your loved one be banned from the country? Is there anyone who can help?

The answer to the last question is “yes.” The Law Offices of Santiago & Associates, PC, is here to help you defend against removal proceedings (often called “deportation”) and keep your family together.

As a New Jersey immigration attorney with more than a decade of legal experience, Raymond S. Santiago will:

  • Listen to your story and learn about your situation
  • Clearly explain the U.S. legal system and what you can expect to happen
  • Search for every possible way to keep your family member in the U.S.

Step One: Getting Your Loved One Out Of Jail

The first thing we will do is seek to get your family member out of jail on a bond, if possible. This can allow him or her to return home, go back to work and resume day-to-day life while the removal proceedings are pending.

Step Two: Fighting Deportation

If your loved one is removed from the U.S., he or she will not be allowed back for 10 years. Being banned from the country for a whole decade can have disastrous effects on his or her career, relationships, hopes and dreams.

Mr. Santiago understands what is at stake. He knows that your loved one’s future is in his hands. As a respected criminal defense attorney and an immigration lawyer, he is able to effectively handle both sides of the case. Depending on the situation, he may be able to seek cancellation of removal or obtain asylum or refugee status for your loved one, if applicable.

Contact Us Today For A Consultation

If someone you care about has been arrested and is in danger of being removed from the country, do not wait. Call our experienced immigration and criminal law attorney today: 732-410-7138. You can also email our Freehold office.

Representing clients in Freehold and communities throughout New Jersey.